Young Professionals

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Podium RVA’s Young Professionals Board aims to shape the
future of youth education and development by supporting the
growth of young professionals in our community.

The YP Board creates opportunities for young leaders to build
relationships, expand skills, and advance their careers.

Learn what it's like to plan events, fundraise, peer mentor, and expand
your skillsets. We're a group of 20-30-something's that have a passion
for being involved in helping local youth!
Our Members:
Kate Bishop
Kirby Collett
Kayleigh Crandell
Andrea Davis
Amy Garmon
Bianca Guerrero
Emily Henderson
Taylor Holden
Madison Pointer
Kristin Riddick
Alexis Skipper
Morgan Walls
Alexa Zafarana
Apply for
the YP Board
320 Hull Street, #202
Richmond, VA 23224
  (804) 921-2328