Monica's Blog: Super Powers

“I write. What is your superpower?”

Writers have amazing powers and abilities. When reading a book, short story, poem etc., we imagine it, we see it, we interpret it, and then we compare it to our own experiences. Writing can be a form of telepathy. Authors have the ability to describe scenes and project images into our minds through their words. They transmit, we receive. The point is not to see the exact same image, or idea. There will be variations, but great writers communicate their thoughts into something that readers can relate to.

Stephen King explains writing as “Telepathy, of course.” In a way, writers and readers are engaged in the art of telepathy when authors transfer images, ideas, and feelings from their brain to their readers. They are communicating.

Adrianna Keyes of Brown Middle School is on her way to having telepathic powers. Keyes, similar to King, has enjoyed writing horror stories and creating images for her readers to see. Along with horror, she loves writing to be a voice for someone that feels the same way she does but is too afraid to say it aloud. Keyes believes “If I can write what I feel, I can maybe reach others that feel the same way too.” The words in which she writes have her own meaning, but when sharing her feelings, the whole audience starts to feel it too.

When a reader’s mind interacts with the writer’s mind, we can come very close to understanding exactly what they have described. The best writing is writing that makes a reader feel understood. People want to see themselves in what they’re reading. When a piece of writing allows a reader to see themselves inside of it, it has reached its true telepathic form. Writing is the closest thing we have to telepathy and our writers have amazing powers and abilities too.