Valentine's Day & Middle School

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and students in Project Write Now at Henderson Middle School all agree that when asking someone out for the first time, it is better to do it in person. It may not be easier, but it is better.

During our workshop on Tuesday, February 6th, students chose to discuss scenarios in which they would prefer to text someone, call someone, or talk in person. Students and mentors explored their reasoning for these preferences and why face-to-face interactions are more real.

We asked, “Wouldn’t you rather have someone ask you out in person? What if you were asking them out?”

“I’d have to bring my close friends with me because I might be too nervous.” said Shikyna Vincent.

“Why not a letter? We don’t do that anymore.” I said.

James Godbold, an 8th grader at Henderson, told us that he would recite a poem to the girl he wanted to ask out. James shared part of his poem with us.

“Females are like a puzzle with 1000 pieces and there are always 2 pieces missing…”

We all agreed that sometimes it is easier to send a text, or pick up the phone, but despite our modern digital age, the face time that we have with someone in person, is still better than the screen time we could have with that person, even if it is just to ask someone out. Happy Valentine’s Day!